Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Our Oracle Cloud EPM Experience

Dedicated to adopting and supporting Oracle Cloud EPM across the whole employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement.

Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud offers full-service business solutions for financial close processes, operational and resource planning, forecasting, and budgeting. Oracle EPM Cloud is the market's most comprehensive and integrated EPM solution, allowing you to align your business strategy with execution. Austin Ark with 20 years of experience provides a secure, tuned, and customized EPM platform. Our extensive experience in leading EPM Cloud solutions for Standard and Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Bundle offerings, including Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS), will enable you to implement highly configurable business processes across the enterprise by leveraging industry best practices, prebuilt models, and features.

Our Oracle EPM Processes


Austin Ark offers collaboration tools for flexible workflow and process management, threaded annotation and commentary, and shared document management to enhance teamwork and productivity.


Austin Ark can help you implement Access Intuitive Security & Controlled Access, ensuring limited access to data based on role and department through the web, Excel interfaces, and reports.


Austin Ark offers planning, analysis, development, and deployment services for Oracle Cloud EPM integrations. Their Oracle Cloud technologists ensure reliable, secure, and maintainable integrations in a dynamic environment by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.


Austin Ark can help you connect to core source systems such as EPM, as well as other applications and sources, including spreadsheets and native databases.

24*7 Support

Austin Ark offers 24/7 managed support services for Oracle Cloud EPM, including assistance with open enrollment, payroll processing, software updates, reporting, and analytics development, with dedicated onshore account management.

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